Saturday, April 4, 2015

QR Codes

From what I can see, QR Codes haven't really caught fire in the States, but Europe/Asia uses them extensively. I find them fascinating - there is so much you can do with them!

To quote my friend Will Bontrager of WebSite's Secret:
"QR is an abbreviation of Quick Response. The 2-dimensional bar code was created in Japan in the mid-1990's for tracking parts in manufacturing plants. Mobile tagging was developed in 2003, quickly becoming popular in Asia. Its popularity is growing on other continents."
I just set up Website's Secret QR Code Generator on my website. Feel free to use the service. And think about using those QR Codes on gift items at Picture This Gifts!

Yes, blatant plugs... but placing QR codes on apparel was what pushed me to set up the generator. And to be very transparent:  QR code generators are all over the web - for free.

A few QR code uses:
  • Plain Text Message
  • URL
  • Telephone Number 
  • SMS Message
  • Email
  • Bookmark for website
  • Geo Location code
  • Me Card contact info for address books

So, someone sees the QR code image and uses their handheld to scan the code. Once recognized, the device shows the Plain Text message, URL etc., and asks what you'd like to do.
At that point, you can dismiss the whole thing or continue.

For a better understanding of how this works, visit QR Code Quality Standards Test. Here you will be able to use your desktop computer screen to test your smart phone or tablet scanning app and get a much better idea of how this works.

You can download a free Bar-code (and QR code) app from the app store of your choice.

And before I go... Scan this!

Picture This... Gifts:
And here's the generator:
Have fun!
Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

Some of the information in this post is republished with permission from Will Bontrager Software LLC, makers of secure website software.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

Well, we all have our tough spots, but maybe I can help out with one of them - Gift Ideas.

Picture This... Gifts! allows you to upload your special someone's favorite photograph and place it on apparel for adults, kids and infants!
  • T-shits
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Hats
  • Tank tops 
  • and much more
Maybe you'd prefer that image on:
  • Mugs
  • Mouse pads
  • Aprons
  • Ornaments
  • Coasters
  • Puzzles 
  • and even iPhone cases! 

Or, picture this.. (pun intended), outfit the whole team, whatever the sport or non-sport!

Using Picture This... Gifts! you can buy one item, using one image in one size and one color!
There are no restrictions!

A class for infant swimmers and their mom's, of course.
At the end/beginning of the class, order each infant swimmer a T-shirt, as well as each mom and the instructor. The order might look like this:

Adult shirts:
(Sizes run XS to 6XL)
  • 1 @ Small, 3/4 Sleeve Scoop, Tropical Pink
  • 3 @ Medium, Soft Organic T, Black
  • 4 @ Medium, Mini Racerback, Red
  • 1 @ Large, Maternity 3/4 T, Royal Blue
  • 1 @ Medium, Rapid Dry Polo, Maui Blue (instructor)
Infants: (Sizes run 0-6 months to 24 months)
  • 1 @ Infant T,  0-6 mo, Candy Pink
  • 2 @ Infant T, 12 mo, Black
  • 1 @ Infant T, 0-6 mo, Black
  • 2 @ Infant T, 0-6 mo, Red 
  • 2 @ Infant T, 12 mo, Red 
  • 1 @ Infant T,  0-6 mo, Royal Blue
As you can see, the order includes different sizes, colors and styles. It could include a different design for each, maybe each could have the swimmer/mom's name with same image/logo.

Up load your logo/image, use the online stock designs or access an image from your Facebook or Instagram page.

The possibilities are endless. And at a good price!

Enjoy your Summer!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Form to Fax

Have you ever wanted to have a form on your website that would get FAXed to you rather than emailed?

Think about online ordering for a small restaurant. Or all those forms one must fill out for a doctor's visit! Fill them out online and they'd be FAXed to the doctor! I'm sure there are many other applications.

My friend and coding guru Will Bontrager can do just that. Here's what he has to say...

Form to Fax

Form to fax functionality can now be provided for your website. Someone submits a form and it's sent to you as a fax.
It can be used for applications, orders, anything important that you want to receive at your fax number in addition to (or instead of) your email address. Custom made for your site.
Get more business. If your website has a PDF that people must fill out and print and then drive to their local Kinkos, FedEx, or UPS store to fax it, there's likely to be a lot of abandonment. Who wants to go to all that trouble?

Let them fill out a form on your website, instead, and have the info automatically faxed to you. When it's easy for your site visitor, you are more likely to get the response you want.

An example of use is takeout orders submitted at the website and automatically faxed to the order station or directly to the kitchen.

Doctor, dentist, and other professional websites can use the service to automatically fax filled-out forms they must have before the first consultation. If the form needs to be signed, it can be presented to the person when they arrive for the appointment.

Job and apartment applications can be handled similarly.

Yes, it's now possible to set up form to fax functionality for your website. In addition to faxing, the form information can optionally be emailed to you and/or stored in a database for later retrieval.


PHP, JavaScript, Perl CGI, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Ajax, JSON, JSONP, XML

Those are some of the programming languages and technologies we're comfortable working with.

We specialize in software for website domains hosted on Unix/Linux servers.

If there is something specific you wish to inquire about, use our contact form and let us know what you are interested in.

Go have a look at the wonderful things he has to make your website look fabulous!

Thanks Will & Mari!